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Mike Koss on Faves

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I'm currently working at Social Bookmarking site - You can take a look at the things I've been "faving" at: 

In January of 2007, we launched a cool new feature to show the latest Faves that are being shared by users.  We call it Buzz.  Our front page shows the top Faves across a wide variety of topics.  We also have a unique page for just about any tag that our users use to categorize their Faves.  The top Buzz pages are:

KOMO TV did a feature on the news in September 2006:

Top reasons is cool:

  • Never losing a web site.  Once I've found something, I click the Dot This! button in my browser toolbar and save the link (along with any comments and tags I want to add to it).  I've accumulated over 2,000 interesting web pages since I've been using it (over about 12 months)!  I can search by keyword or tag to find my Faves later.
  • Sharing stuff with friends and family.  It's much easier to share things you find on the web with, than it is to write a blog - and a lot less annoying than emailing links.  It's literally two clicks of the mouse, and I've published a nicely annotated note on my page.  Now all my friends will see the things I'm currently interested in.
  • Keeping in touch.  Many of my friends and family don't live nearby.  It's not very often that I make the effort to send email out of the blue to an old friend - we don't have that much to talk about that would warrant an email conversation.  With, we get to casually share our interests, without the obligation to keep a conversation going.
  • Building a personal Knowledge Network.  My Friends (collectively) find many more things on the web than I do.  Many of them have more expertise than I do.  Now I can tap into what they know, to help me be smarter.  Unlike other social networking products, is not a time wasting activity, it actually helps me learn and be more productive (it's also good for time wasting too ... lots of funny videos to watch when I have some down time).
  • Personal Messaging. has made big improvements in helping you communicate with your friends.  Not only can my friends see the Faves I'm creating, but we can comment on each other's Faves and send person-to-person messages using's built-in mail system.
Tiny (3x5) Font

I created this very tiny (but legible) bitmap font in 1981.  Reproduced today as a Windows bitmap font.

B-17 Flight

Brian and I take a flight on a B-17 - on the 61st Anniversary of D-Day.

Seaplane flight

We took a marvelous flight into the Cascades on my birthday (2004).

Trip to Japan (2004)

I created a photo journal of our spring-break trip to Japan this year.  Some past photo journals:

The Image Gallery by The Code Rats

Mark Jennings, Darrell Plank and I have formed a "development club".  Our first project is a web-based image gallery.  I'm writing the client-side Java Script, and Darrell is writing a .Net windows application for the authoring environment.

We shipped in September 2004!  See Mark's Photo Journal of his Trinity Tour.

Drawing Classes

Debbie and I took drawing classes starting in 2003.  Some samples of our assignments.

Rubik's Cube

I built this 3-D graphical simulator of a Rubik's cube.  This is using the WildTangent ActiveX control.  All the code is in JavaScript.

Enigma Machine

I created a paper Enigma machine that works just like the real thing.  Just print and cut out with scissors (thanks to the excellent Enigma simulator page by Andy Carlson for help with the rotor settings).


I really enjoy programming in JavaScript.  I've placed an interesting collection of JavaScript examples here.

Picture Gallery

Some favorite pictures I've taken.  Feel free to use as your desktop.

Platform House

In the summer of 1998, I built Chris a playhouse on stilts.  Find the story (and pictures) behind the project here.

Mt. Rainier

In July, 1998, I climbed to the summit of Mt. Rainier.  I lost my camera ... and then found it - now with pictures!


When my son was in 2nd grade, I taught a series of programming classes at his school.  This is an on-line version of the class.



I've collected together some of my favorite books in my online bookstore.